Defensive Rifle

This is not a class on "how to shoot". This is a class on "how to fight"!

Just as in Defensive Pistol, in Defensive Rifle you will have an opportunity to do things you may have never done at your local shooting range before:

  • Running your rifle
  • Moving
  • Shooting while moving
  • Use of cover or concealment
  • Transitioning to pistol
  • Introduction to team tactics and communication while fighting

Class Price per student: $150 (one full day of instruction)

Class Requirements

  • Open Mind
  • Fighting rifle. This can be of any serious fighting rifle style, AR-15, AK-47/74, FN FAL, or other serious modern fighting rifle.
  • Rifle must be on a combat sling. Not a carry sling.
  • Rifle must be zeroed.
  • Fighting pistol, as described in Defensive Pistol.
  • Minimum of 3 magazines for rifle, preferably 5 or more
  • Minimum of 2 magazines for pistol, preferably 3 or more
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Minimum of 350 rounds for rifle, 100 rounds for pistol. Try to bring 500 for rifle if you can, you may end up needing it.
  • Reasonable outdoor-wear. You will be on grass, gravel, perhaps mud, and you will be kneeling, squatting, laying down, and other positions. Dress appropriately. A hat is strongly recommended for a variety of reasons, it keeps hot brass and hot sun off your head and face.
  • Hydration and food. You will need your own water and lunch. Wearing a gun in the sun all day can make you perspire quite a bit, keep hydrated. Bring a good amount of something with electrolytes such as Gatorade to replenish what you lose.
  • The most important ingredient: Common sense. You and all other students will be handling and using loaded guns throughout the entire class. You and all other students will be fully armed at all times, this is not a "cold" range! Think before you act. Please exercise common sense.

Please let us know ahead of time if you cannot bring all of the above items. We can purchase ammunition for you if you don't have any, but there will be an upcharge to cover our time and effort. You can rent a gun from us, but you probably should already have your own. If you have specific needs that we should be aware of ahead of time, please let us know so that we can properly accommodate your needs.

We will travel up to 90 minutes from the Schuylkill Haven area to your location to do training with your group of 5 or more! This means from Muncy, PA to about Gettysburg, and from the Delaware River to the other side of Harrisburg. We will do any class upon request so please Contact Us to schedule your class.