Firearms training

The world is becoming more and more hostile every minute! We need not look very far to see extreme examples of that. As a result, we are offering a chance for some free training to pastors of churches. The last thing we want to see is another massacre like Charleston or Roseburg. Next time we run a class, your pastor just needs to let us know ahead of time that he's coming, and he needs to show up with his gun and ammo, and he can participate in the training without any cost to him. Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining some free training for your pastor!

We currently offer the following courses:

We will travel up to 90 minutes from the Schuylkill Haven area to your location to do training with your group of 5 or more! This means from Muncy, PA to about Gettysburg, and from the Delaware River to the other side of Harrisburg. We will do any class upon request so please Contact Us to schedule your class.