Selecting A Gun for Home Defense and Concealed Carry

In this class, you will learn about:

  • The myths, lies and misconceptions of the advice you will commonly hear
  • How to clearly evaluate your needs and your lifestyle to select a weapon
  • Specific gun, holsters, and accessories you will need
  • "Exceptions" to the rule, such as using long guns for home defense

As part of the class, you will also receive a book containing all the material covered in the class, and you can make notes in this during the class and bring it home with you to keep.

Class Price per student: $100 (one full day of instruction)

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Class Requirements

  • Willingness to participate
  • Open mind

An open mind is a fundamental requirement for all of our classes, because no doubt you will have heard things prior to this class that will bias your opinions. Participation is also fundamental, since you will no doubt have viewpoints that other students will need to hear in order for everyone to gain the full instructional value of the class.

As part of this class, there will be an opportunity to handle and fire various firearms that were covered in the book and lecture. If you are disabled or have special needs of any kind, please let us know ahead of time so we can properly accommodate your needs. This class is open to everyone regardless of skills, training or prior experience. There is a lot of time for interaction and questions, both individually and in the group, so please bring your questions with you. If you have a group of people with specific needs such as groups of women, professional office settings, truck drivers, or other occupational or special needs, please let us know.

We will travel up to 90 minutes from the Schuylkill Haven area to your location to do training with your group of 5 or more! This means from Muncy, PA to about Gettysburg, and from the Delaware River to the other side of Harrisburg. We will do any class upon request so please Contact Us to schedule your class.