Trauma Medicine Class

We teach a full-day, 8am to 5pm trauma medicine class which is very popular with church security teams! Students will gain an enormous amount of knowledge and experience in a very short time with this class.

Cost: $150 for course WITHOUT trauma kit, $215+tax for course WITH trauma kit

Instructor: Steve Gloates and Tom Kunz

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This full-day class will teach you about:

  • CPR/AED/Choking/Drowning/Electrocution
  • Searching for deep, penetrating wounds to torso or extremeties
  • Understanding arterial vs veinous bleeding
  • Treating penetrating wounds
  • Applying chest seal
  • Various tourniquet designs and improvised tourniquets
  • Proper use and application of tourniquet to self and others
  • Proper use and application of nasopharyngeal airway

Part of the cost of this course includes a trauma kit for each participant that includes:

  • TK4 combat tourniquet
  • H-bandage
  • Wound-packing gauze
  • NPA tube, 30Fr
  • Prep pads
  • Nitrile Glove