Trauma Medicine

8-10h, both on-site and off-site training available

Our Trauma Medicine course covers the majority of the skills and information you need to successfully deal with most life-threatening emergencies. This course is highly recommended for church security teams and anyone who is responsible for a group of people. For groups, we recommend that we train at your location, in order to make the training as useful and relevant as possible. Topics cover both violent and non-violent emergencies such as:

  • CPR/AED/Choking/Drowning/Electrocution
  • Searching for deep, penetrating wounds to torso or extremeties
  • Understanding arterial vs veinous bleeding
  • Treating penetrating wounds
  • Applying chest seal
  • Recognizing and treating tension pneumothorax/hemothorax
  • Various tourniquet designs and improvised tourniquets
  • Proper use and application of tourniquet to self and others
  • Proper use and application of nasopharyngeal airway

Part of the cost of this course includes a trauma kit for each participant that includes:

  • TK4 combat tourniquet
  • H-bandage
  • Wound-packing gauze
  • Chest decompression needle
  • NPA tube, 30Fr
  • Prep pads
  • Nitrile Glove

The format of this course includes interweaving informative lecture and student interaction followed by practical application. For example, when we lecture about the proper use of the tourniquet, students will immediately get the chance to self-apply the tourniquet and then pair up and practice applying the tourniquet to another student. We will then use a pulse oxymeter to validate that the tourniquet was applied properly. When lectures/practice sessions are completed, we will move immediately into running scenarios where we simulate various types of life-threatening emergencies. Students alternate roles where half the class gets to be "victim" and "rescuer". Each scenario in sequence becomes more complex, intense, and stressful.

Cost $240

Refund policy: This course price includes our trauma kit which sells for $65. Full refund is available up to 30 days before the class. Due to the nature of the course and kit, cancellation within 30 days provides a 50% refund.